Personalize Your Style With Table Settings

There are an infinite number of ways to personalize your style when setting a table. Here are three ideas to try.

Idea #1

Mix and match your favorite tablecloths, runners, or napkins by color or patterns.

In the example above the solid color placemat is made of 100% Linen, a sustainable fiber source, that comes from the flax plant. Flax does not require water or pesticides to grow. Great for those who are looking for eco-friendly products. The linen in this photo is soft to the touch and comes standard with an embroidered hemstitch around the border, a detail that adds interest.

We paired this placemat with a modern botanical print napkin made of 50% Cotton/50% Linen. The difference in textures and patterns is what makes this combination interesting.

Idea #2

Layering. This does not need to get expensive. Look around your home first for linens to use. The table setting below depicts a solid beige color tablecloth with dark greige (grey) placemats.


This tabelscape is harmonious and peaceful.

Idea #3

Kick it up a notch with color. A tea towel is not just used in the kitchen. We paired a beautiful Italian dark blue geometric patterned tea towel (made of 100% Linen) with a solid color placemat (made of 100% Linen) and a light blue napkin with a modern botanical design (made of 50% Linen/50% cotton). You can also use a solid color tablecloth under the tea towel.


The result is a table setting with enough color and pattern to invite lively conversation with your guests.

Could any of these table settings be your style? Try them today and invite friends and family over for a casual meal. These are a few entertaining ideas that can bring your personality to the table.


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