Tea Towels

Our tea towel collection includes fanciful, stately and nature-inspired designs. Those who love to cook will appreciate their large size and loop to wrap around a kitchen cabinet knob for easy access. They are functional, beautiful and versatile around the kitchen and on the tabletop.

Tea towels have utilitarian and design features. A few of their many functions include a) as an oven mitt or hot pad to quickly pull items from a hot oven or while gripping warm dishes; b) to cover bread while proofing or dough while rising; c) to help keep foods such as bread and rolls warm when served; d) as a stabilizer beneath the cutting board or mixing bowels to keep them from sliding; and e) unlike kitchen or dish towels, tea towels come in an assortment of beautiful designs. Functional, durable, and beautiful tea towels that will last for years. Great as a house warming, holiday, or birthday gift for those who love to cook and add to their kitchen decor.

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