Svad Dondi S.p.A.

Svad Dondi S.p.A. began as a family business established almost sixty years ago in Vidana, Mantua, Italy by Anna and Alfredo Dondi. Today the company is led by their son, Mirko Dondi, President and CEO, and other members of the family.

They are considered by many as an industry leader as masters in the art of high-tech manufacturing processes and skilled craftsmanship, and excellence in creative design and innovation. They have a keen eye for detail and pursue the highest quality raw materials.

The company has a group of highly skilled designers and technicians that continually pursue current and future trends. These concepts are instilled in all their collections. Their products reflect the luxury lifestyles of today and Svad Dondi is a dominant force in influencing the affluent lifestyles of tomorrow.

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