Textile Glossary

Bast Fibers – Fibers derived by a retting process from the inner bark, husks, and other parts of plants such as hemp, jute, and sisal

Hand – the way a fabric feels when handled

Linen – a bast fiber from the flax plant.

Misto Lino – Linens made of 50% cotton and 50% linen with an Ivory warp.

Puro Lino – 100% Linen, Ivory warp. This type of linen has been pre-washed that gives it a softer hand.

Retting - A microbial process used after harvesting natural fibers (i.e. hemp, flax (linen)) that break the chemical bonds that hold the stem together and allows separation of the bast fibers from the woody core.

Warp – The set of yarn elements running lengthwise on a loom and in woven fabrics on the bolt. It is in place before the weft or filling yarns are woven over and under it.

Weft – The set of yarn elements in a woven fabric that run horizontally or from selvage to selvage, crossing, and interlacing with the warp.