Who We Are

Who We Are

The influence that led me to create k.graffo HOME was my passion for home linens. I have a love for textiles that started while collecting them from all over the world. However, I have a particular passion for Italian linens because of my heritage and the Italian history of fine craftsmanship and design. Italian linens have given me fond memories of visiting relatives and friends sitting around the dining table for hours eating (or not) excellent home-made food (usually without written recipes), conversations and connecting with relatives and friends that I still look back on today.

We are a company that believes in transparency of information, continuously following emerging trends in the Home Textile industry and bringing this information to our followers so that can make the best decision for themselves and their families. 

We encourage you to make your own memories using the finest Italian linens and inspire you to create exceptional home interiors and table scapes that welcome guests into your home so that they reflect back on those special moments for years to come.

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The Principles that Guide Us

k.graffo HOME, LLC imports the finest Italian home linens made only from natural fibers and illustrates high-end design. All of our linens are made of the finest craftsmanship and from technological innovations that improve the heirloom quality and wash ability for today’s households. Our table and kitchen linens made of 100% Linen are naturally sustainable, anti-microbial and moth resistant. We believe in beautiful and functional home linens made to improve our lives and elevate our lifestyle.

Our Vision

k.graffo HOME will continue to search for new natural fibers being used in the home textile industry. We see a future where the textile industry, as a whole, is compelled to acknowledge the environmental and health impact the industry has had on our environmental resources. We will continue to pursue companies that believe in these same principles and has shown a reduction in waste, power and water during the life-cycle of producing home textiles.

We continue to follow new innovative technologies that can produce more complex designs and faster shipping to the retailers, which in turn, leads to faster lead times for our customers. This new technology is available now with Digital Textile Printing. However, the environmental and well-being impacts are under review.